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Stability and Allocation

Stability and allocation are measures of how 'focused' team members are on getting their work 'Done'.


Dig deeper into what healthy and unhealthy look like. Explore what other competencies can impact (or be impacted by) this one.


  • A ‘core’ team of dedicated members are allocated effectively and stay together
  • Work is brought to the teams instead of moving individuals to the work
  • Team has planned effectively for different work classifications (i.e. strategic, operational, unplanned)
  • Team feels they can focus on getting deliverables to ‘Done’


  • Team members are allocated towards several other projects (multi-tasking)
  • Team members are moved in and out of the team frequently for other priorities
  • No ‘core’ team of dedicated team members exist which causes lack of focus
  • General sense of churn; starting many deliverables but not finishing them


Cause Effect
Manager Predictable Delivery
Product Owner > Backlog Mgmt. PO Confidence
Team Facilitator > Impediment Mgmt. Quality
Planning > Short-Term, Mid-Term


Take action by implementing some of these growth recommendations.

Source Type Title Solution Description Rating Created By
AgilityHealth Stabilize your team
  • Identify core team members and deired allocation/dedication
  • Bring awareness to management/leadership team
Creator Name + Date
AgilityHealth Plans for different classes of work
  • Identify different classes of work coming into your backlog
  • Track how much capacity you give to each per iteration/time-box
  • Plan ahead for each class of work
Creator Name + Date
Source Title
  • Solution Description
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